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Message from the Director

"J-GlycoNet" is
a platform for life
science innovation

on behalf of the J-GlycoNet

Nagoya University and Gifu University,
Tokai National Higher Education and Research System
Director of iGCORE

Kenji Kadomatsu, M.D., Ph.D.

Animals and plants have three bio-chains of molecules that support their lives. These are genomes (nucleic acids), proteins, and glycans. However, the understanding of glycans is overwhelmingly shallow compared to that of genomes and proteins, and researchers in other fields have had to avoid the world of glycans. Opening the door to the world of glycans, promoting interdisciplinary research, and pioneering new life sciences: this is the vision of J-GlycoNet.
To this end, J-GlycoNet has three focuses. First, it will set up a one-stop place to connect researchers between inside and outside the field of glycomics, and conduct team building for research. It will also lead call for applications. The second is to develop young researchers who will lead the next glycan science. We will conduct various educational activities such as glycan technology training and accelerate the circulation of domestic and foreign researchers. The third is that J-GlycoNet will support collaborative research incorporating glycans throughout Japan by having three institutions with complementary features as its core. To do this, collaborative fellows consisting of glycan specialists nationwide will participate in J-GlycoNet, share information, and play an active role as main players in team building as mentioned above.
Japan has led Glycan science in the world. J-GlycoNet is collaborating with world-class glycan research institutions. Leveraging this base's platform, we will fulfill the role that glycans should play for further transformation of life sciences from now on.